The Migraine Mastery Method


The 3-Step Approach To Understanding and Healing the Biochemical Imbalances Causing Your Migraines


Medications don't work in 40% of people - but that doesn't mean there's  no where else to turn.  

Migraines Interfere in All Aspects of Life


The number one thing I hear from women struggling with chronic migraines is that they feel like they’re not living their life, they’re just surviving it.

Not making plans because they don’t know if they can keep them.

Missing out on trips and memories with their family.

Not being as interactive with their kids as they want to be.

Living with chronic headaches and migraines suck all the joy out of life. You can’t do the things you used to love doing. You’re afraid to do too much of anything because that thought of “is this going to trigger a migraine” is always looming large in the back of your mind. Even on the good days.

I understand this all too well.

I used to have daily, intense chronic headaches and migraines of my own.   

But I found a process that allowed me to break free of my migraines and the control they had over my life.

Living with migraines doesn’t have to look like this. Unfortunately, the conventional approach of medication “trial and error” is overly simplistic and just doesn’t get the results most women are looking for. 


Migraines Are Too Complex For Medications Alone


The problem isn’t the individual medications. 

The problem is that migraines are amazingly complex and the current way we treat them simply does not have a comprehensive approach.

Research shows there are at least 48 known factors that contribute to migraines and a patient may have any combination of these factors causing their particular migraine.

On top of that, one migraine patient may have 2 or 3 different types of migraines (did you know there were different types?).

Now, I’m not a statistics girl but the number of migraine combinations these variables produce has got to be insanely high.

So lets look at the medication options we have to treat migraines.  

There are 8 different classes of medications that can be used to treat or prevent migraines. Those 8 classes fall into treatment of 5 of the 48 factors.

That means there are still 43 factors that aren’t being addressed.  

So unless your particular flavor of migraine on any given day happens to be one of those 5 things, and ONLY one of those 5 things, those medications aren’t going to do much.


It’s Time For a Different Approach


I struggled with daily chronic headaches since I was in a car accident in high school

From that time forward, I had varying degrees of headache intensity all day, every day.

Migraines would rear their ugly head at the most inopportune times.

But when I was in medical school, learning about how interconnected the body is, I understood that we aren’t treating this condition correctly.

We can’t isolate the head pain from what’s going on in the rest of the body. It all works together.

Have you ever felt like there is something else going on in your body but you just can’t figure out what it is? And trying to talk to your doctor is like talking to a wall… if it doesn’t involve a referral or trying a different medication, they don’t seem interested.

Well… using my medical school education and my own personal journey over the past 15 years, I’ve developed a three step process that allows us to identify the REAL causes behind my patient’s migraines so we can address them and allow the body to finally begin healing.   

 And it’s the process I want to share with everyone dealing with chronic migraines.  

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