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Migraine Resources

Free booklets, checklists, worksheets, and guides all about migraines.


Top 5 Things

The first 5 things EVERY migraineur should address. Most of them are incorrectly evaluated or outright ignored by conventional approaches.


Migraine Specific Lab Guide

Learn what labs are essential, how to get them ordered (even with an uncooperative doctor), when you should have them drawn, and the ideal ranges for someone with migraines.

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Migraine Genetics Guide

Discover what genes are most commonly involved in migraines, how they may be affecting you, the symptoms that go along with each dysfunctional gene, and options for getting tested.

Migraine Specific Nutrition Guide

Learn what foods are essential for reducing inflammation, common migraine food triggers, and how to begin healing your gut and opening up your diet.

BONUS: A full 7-day Migraine Specific Meal Plan, complete with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sides.

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