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Migraine Mastery  


The Comprehensive Migraine Diet eBook

"Migraine Nutrition and the 7 Day Meal Plan"


In "Migraine Nutrition and 7 Day Meal Plan", you'll discover:

  • What foods are essential for reducing inflammation contributing to your migraines
  • Common migraine food triggers and tips on how to get your body to tolerate them better
  • The link between migraines and gut health and how to begin healing your gut from the inside
  • How to avoid the constant "Migraine Food Trigger Restriction" trap and begin to open up your diet to include healing foods (and avoid the malnutrition and frustration that comes with a severely restricted diet)
  • A full 7 day Migraine Specific Meal Plan, complete with recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and sides

The Migraine Mastery eBook Series

"Migraine Nutrition and 7 Day Meal Plan"


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